What is Whitepages Identity Graph?

Product March 5, 2019


What is Whitepages Identity Graph?

Whitepages Identity Graph is a graph database that powers all of our products: Whitepages Premium, Whitepages Pro, as well as our website, www.whitepages.com.

We work with data providers globally to source ethical, clean, and validated data for our customers both on the Consumer and B2B sides of our business. Today, we work with over 100 different data providers worldwide and ingest over two billion records a month into our internal database, enabling us to provide a robust search that we have within our products.

On the consumer side, our identity graph supports Whitepages Premium and helps our customers find old family and friends and learn more about individuals’ backgrounds, including criminal history. On the B2B side, our data supports Whitepages Pro and allows our customers to use our product to help address fraud and identity verification in an unlimited amount of ways.

To learn more about our Identity Graph, watch the video below for more information about our Data Story:

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