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Trusted by over 30 million people every month

People Finder Tips

  • Search with a person’s full name including both first name and last name. If you know their middle name or middle initial, try adding that to your search too.
    • Good - Jane Doe 
    • Better - Jane A Doe 
    • Best - Jane Anne Doe 
  • Adding a location (City, State, or Zip Code) will help you quickly find the best results.
    • Name: Jane A Doe
    • Location: Seattle, WA
  • For Example:
    how to search for a personhow to search for a person
  • If you're searching for someone with a common name or your search produces too many matches, leverage the filters on the results page to narrow the results by selecting a state or city and even consider applying an age range filter.
  • If you can’t find someone in a specific city or state, take a step back and broaden your search to a national search. Enter just a name and remove any location details.
  • If you’re still having trouble finding people, search for a relative and explore that relatives details.
  • Still want more? Check out this advice on finding people online.

How to find someone's phone number and address for free

If you know a person’s name, you can find their phone number with Whitepages People Search in a few easy steps.

Follow these six steps:

  1. Step 1

    Select People Search from the search box at the top of the page, if it’s not already selected.
  2. Step 2

    Enter the person’s name, including first and last name. Don’t worry if you forget how to spell their name correctly, our search algorithms will search for alternative spellings.
  3. Step 3

    Enter a location in the search box. If you know the city or state where they currently live or where they have lived in the past, add that to your search. Using a current city and state is best, and a zip code works too. If you don’t know their location, that’s fine. Leave the location box blank, and we’ll help you find the person you're looking for.
  4. Step 4

    Click the search icon.
  5. Step 5

    Select the person of interest from the results page. If there are too many results for you to easily search through, use the filters to narrow your results.
  6. Step 6

    Find the person's address and phone number on the details page along with other contact information.

You will find current address, landline phone numbers and other basic contact information for free. If you’re trying to find a cell phone number or even a background report, you can purchase this premium information from Whitepages Premium with a few additional steps. Our detailed how-to guides on finding a person's phone number online and finding a person's address online have step-by-step instructions with pictures to help you find results fast. In addition, if you’re a landlord trying to screen a tenant, Whitepages TenantCheck was built with you in mind.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I do a people search on Whitepages?

    To start a search, select people search from the search options and enter a name in the search box. If you have a specific location in mind, include that in the search box as well. Our systems will mine millions of people records to find the best results. Select the person you’re looking for from the list and quickly find their phone number, address, and more.
  • Can I find people for free on Whitepages?

    Absolutely, over 30 million users a month use Whitepages to find people, phone numbers, and addresses. Anyone can use Whitepages for free to find people in the United states. Basic contact information, including residential phone numbers and addresses, is available for free. Premium information, like cell phone numbers, is available for purchase and included for subscribers.
  • How can I find people near me online?

    Whitepages offers a true people search that takes the guesswork out of finding people online near you or even far away. If your interested in finding someone in your city, enter the city name or zip code in the location box. If you’d prefer to leave the location blank that works too, we’ll sort the results for you.
  • Can I find a person’s criminal history for free?

    Finding criminal records for free online is a challenging and long process that usually ends with a dead end, as many state and local agencies have still not fully digitized their records for consumers or created user friendly websites. Whitepages has long history of aggregating public records and offers background checks to help users save time and quickly find a person’s criminal history.
  • How can I find lost people using a people lookup website?

    Whitepages has a long history of helping users find lost relatives, classmates, and friends. And, we hear success stories every year. Start a people search and enter the person’s name to search over 250 million people nationwide. If you know a past location, try including that. Leverage the filters and try searching for other relatives as they may be connected to that lost person.
  • Can I search a person’s background for free?

    The internet is full of data. Social media and Google are good starting points for a background search. You can find great data for free, including basic contact info on Whitepages. However, there are limits and it’s time consuming. Whitepages aggregates billions of records, including criminal history, and offers background products for both landlords and consumers to make the process easier.
  • How do I search for a person’s public records?

    Examples of public records are property information, criminal records, court records and bankruptcies. Even though these records are public, they can be hard to find because they come from local government agencies in all 50 states. Whitepages makes this information easy to search. Start with a people search and consider a background check to know the full story.
  • How do I search for people using their name?

    Finding people is easy, especially if you already know their name. The process is straightforward. Use Whitepages and enter the person’s name in the search box. You’ll get fast results and find true phone numbers, addresses, and more. You can also find people by address and by phone number.
  • Can I do a people search using a phone number?

    Yes, you can use Whitepages to quickly find people linked to a phone number by performing a reverse phone search. It’s a great online resource for identifying who called and knowing the owner’s name and location, as well as whether or not the phone number is linked to a residential phone, cell phone, or business.
  • Can I find a person by address?

    Searching for residents and people connected to an address is simple with a reverse address search. Enter the address, start your search, and explore the results. You’ll find the names of owners, residents, and tenants. If you’re looking for additional contact information just click on the person’s name. You can also explore the neighborhood and see who else lives nearby.

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