Why do employees LOVE working at Whitepages?

Life At Whitepages February 14, 2019


Why do employees LOVE working at Whitepages?

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we reached out to some of our employees to see what they love about their job at Whitepages. Read on to find out what makes us and our employees a great relationship: 

“I really love the smart and diverse people I get to work with at Whitepages. Every day, I am learning something new from the unique perspectives that fellow employees bring to meetings and calls. I LOVE it!”

Dan, Sales Account Executive

“The best part about working at Whitepages has been the perks. A well-designed office, catered Friday lunches and happy hours, a kitchen stocked with all kinds of snacks and drinks, and a multi-day overnight company trip sure makes all our hard work a little easier.”

Emily, SEM Manager

“To be surrounded with so many talented people is not just inspiring but is so much fun!”

Gabor, Software Engineering Team Lead

“There are many reasons I love working at Whitepages Pro. I’d have to say my favorite is being surrounded by incredibly intelligent people every day and having the opportunity to learn from them. From my direct boss (who is a product marketing guru) to data scientists, product managers, solutions architects, and most importantly our customers – I feel challenged every day to grow and that’s what makes working here so fulfilling.”

Kelsey, Marketing Manager

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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