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How Does the Security Score Work?

April 25, 2022 Stay Safe Stay Updated

Here, we’re gonna break down how this ☝🏻 handy-dandy number works! As you navigate your InstantAlly account, take note of what pieces of your data were exposed in...

The 411 on Phishing

April 25, 2022 Stay Updated

Phishing scams are pretty common. If you’ve ever checked your email’s spam folder, they’re there. If you’ve ever gotten a weird text message offering you a free iPad,...

image of computer with code on the screen. the text "Scam of the Month" is in the top left corner.

Puma and the Risk of Third-Party Software

April 1, 2022 Stay Aware Stay Updated

What happened? The data of Puma employees was compromised in a ransomware attack. The targeted attack was part of a larger invasion of the third-party software, Kronos, used...

Hacker concept. Thiefs attack computer, steal personal data

Account Takeover & You – Work Credentials Edition

Phishing messages plague work emails as much as they flood our personal inboxes. For every Nigerian prince you turn down, a CEO is asking for an employee’s cell...

Hacker concept. Thiefs attack computer, steal personal data

The 411 on the Breach Timeline

March 24, 2022 Stay Aware Stay Safe

Breaches and cyber attacks are happening constantly. We are all vulnerable as we navigate the internet, for work or personal use. If you’ve experienced a breached password OR...