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Is Predictive Dialer Better Than Auto Dialer for Your Outreach Efforts?

November 20, 2023 Stay Updated Stay Connected

For business owners, aiming to meet their key business goals, sales reps are a cornerstone of customer engagement. Successful campaigns begin with calls to customers and excellent customer...

How to Ethically and Properly Do Background Checks

November 16, 2023 Stay Updated Stay Aware

Imagine you're about to hire a new employee who seems like the perfect fit for your job. They've aced the interview, their resume is impressive, and they appear...

How to Re-Engage Inactive Customers

November 13, 2023 Stay Updated

Keeping customers engaged and driving repeat sales is a key priority for any successful business. Generating repeat business means you can better predict your revenue. This allows you...

illustrated image of an online profile and a fraudster running away with the password.

Why Your Business Isn’t Prepared for Digital Identity Theft 

October 17, 2023 Stay Connected Stay Aware

According to a 2021 study, financial fraud, including identity theft, costs the world around $5.38 trillion per year—equivalent to a staggering 6.4% of total global GDP! What’s more,...

three people sitting around a table. two of the people are shaking hands as if they've made a business arrangement.

Sales Leads: How to Generate and Close Quality Prospects

October 9, 2023 Stay Connected Stay Updated

Today, we're diving into the fascinating world of sales leads. At its core, it's pretty straightforward—a sales lead is simply a person or a business that has the...