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Hacker concept. Thiefs attack computer, steal personal data

Account Takeover & You

January 13, 2022 Stay Aware Stay Safe Stay Updated

Definition Account takeover is the act of a fraudster gaining access to an online account or account credentials for malicious purposes. This is a form of identity theft....

Brand Impersonation is Big Business

November 17, 2021 Stay Aware Stay Safe Stay Updated

We’ve all received spam emails at some point since its inception, as we know it, in 1996. Phone spam has been around much longer than the onslaught of...

tiny product packages and shopping bags in a tiny cart sitting on a laptop open on a shopping page

Account Takeover & You – Holiday Shopping Edition

October 20, 2021 Stay Aware Stay Safe Stay Updated

Holiday shopping is one of my favorite times of the year. But as my Instagram and Facebook profiles show me ads for the perfect gifts for my parents,...

image of a notebook with the title of passwords and different variations of passwords crossed out

Most Common and Popular Passwords

October 7, 2021 Stay Aware Stay Updated

Spoiler: This isn’t a popularity contest that you want to win. Did you know that at least 60% of people whose login credentials were leaked last year in...

Learn More About Password Security

Passwords are foundational in our internet-centric lives.  They’re also a source of stress and frustration for many of us. In this blog post, you can learn why complex...