Meet Whitepages 2018 Summer Interns

Stay Aware Engineering August 2, 2018


Meet Whitepages 2018 Summer Interns

Our 2018 Summer interns are hitting their halfway mark and have made fantastic progress on their projects! Our two Engineering interns have been learning new technologies to build their projects and our Marketing intern has been revamping all of our social media. Learn more about why they decided to work at Whitepages below:


Kevin Pusich, Software Engineering Intern, Whitepages Premium

Favorite activity to do in the Summer?

“Hmm, that’s a tough one. It’s a close race between hiking/backpacking, and just spending time with friends on the water! If I had to choose one though I’d probably pick boating around the lake with friends.”

 Why Whitepages?

“There are a ton of reasons why I picked Whitepages but I’ll try and keep this short and focus on the two important ones. Number one was probably the people/culture. For my final internship I wanted to have fun while learning as much as possible. Everyone I met with interviewing seemed to truly enjoy working here and weren’t just faking it for the interviewee. Also, being able to meet my team and potential managers before the final decision was another huge factor.

Number two focused on potential impact. After having interned at both large and medium sized tech companies, I felt like it was time for a change of pace. I felt that by coming to Whitepages I wouldn’t be working on some internal project that would never see the light of day, rather I would help build something meaningful and important for the summer and beyond (and my gut was totally right)!”

Jefferson Van Wagenen, Software Engineering Intern, Data Services

Why Whitepages?

“Well, I really love cats, and one of their recruiting T-shirts had a cat on it, so that’s the entire reason I’m here. Just kidding! I’m actually here for a lot of reasons, which boil down to the culture: Whitepages has a really positive and friendly work-ethic that makes it really easy to get to know your co-workers, managers, and even the CEO! It’s a medium-sized company, which makes it large enough to provide stability while small enough not to be impersonal; that last point means it is both easy to get to know everyone and to see the tangible impact that your work has on the people around you as well as the company as a whole; this is the most rewarding feeling I could possibly get from the work I do. And on the other end, being established and stable means not having to stress about making sure the company stays afloat or that if I make the tiniest mistake, it could derail a large or critical operation. It’s a balance that appeals to people with whom I really feel like I work well: people who really care about what they do and how it impacts the people around them.”

Favorite Summer Activity?

“Here’s a secret: I HATE summer – it’s way too hot and sunny! (Okay, that’s really nowhere close to a secret; it’s basically how I introduce myself to people nowadays: “Hi, my name’s Jefferson and I think the sun should disappear forever because it’s evil.”) I like to spend my free time indoors reading during the summer: it’s relaxing and a good distraction from the fact that it’s light out sixteen hours a day right now. That Whitepages has a book club is a really nice motivator to read more, too.”

Jaliyah Putney, Marketing Programs Intern, Whitepages Pro Marketing

Why Whitepages?
“When applying for internships I chose Whitepages because I heard the company was a great place to work. I also heard the marketing teams work collaboratively and as someone who still is undecided about what aspect of marketing they want to perfect, I knew I could learn a lot if I were to experience multiple sides of marketing.”

Favorite Summer Activity?
“The past couple summers my favorite summer activity has to be either having a family/friends picnic or kayaking.”


Are you interested in interning at Whitepages next Summer? Keep an eye out on our Career Page. Applications will be released towards the end of August.

Starting mid-September, our engineers and recruiting team will also be heading out to campuses to kick-off our 2019 University Recruiting season. Please stop by our booth to say hi, learn more about what our engineers work on, and take our coding challenge.