Who? What? Where? Get to Know Whitepages Identity Data

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Who? What? Where? Get to Know Whitepages Identity Data

Searching for a long lost friend? Or perhaps you are looking for a nearby place to eat or shop? Whatever the reason is that brings you to Whitepages, we thank you, and we think a formal introduction is in order. Allow us to take you through a little background into why we’re here and what we can do for you.

Who we are

We are Whitepages.com, the largest platform for personal and business identities in the United States. Our mission is to establish, manage and provide access to real online identities for every individual and business in the digital world. Simply put, we want to help you prove who you are online. And that’s most easily done by verifying a person’s name, address and phone number all match up correctly.

What we do

We create products and services (Whitepages.com, Whitepages Caller ID and Whitepages Pro) to give users control of their online identities as well as provide the most accurate identity information on millions of adults and businesses. Online identity is not just about “contact information” anymore. It’s everything from phone numbers to addresses, to age range and real-time social profile updates; all of that adds up to create connections between people and businesses. A cornerstone of the Internet since 1997, we list TWICE as many listings as any other U.S. directory service.

Where our information comes from

We receive both public information and data from third-party providers. What does that mean? This means that our information comes from places like public directories, social media outlets, USPS change of address forms, and more, as well as provide our users who have the ability to update their own information in real time.

Whitepages has transformed from an online data provider (a better, more accurate phone book online) to an identity management and communication solution for both online and mobile users. Companies use Whitepages data for everything from verifying contact information, confirming and correcting shipping addresses and preventing and detecting fraud for both in-store and online purchases. Everything from ordering a video game or a pair of shoes, to loan and mortgage applications are made easier and more secure! And the best part is that from the moment you create your account you are taking control of how your information appears, and even who views it. You decide if you are visible to the world or hidden. You can also hide your information from public view and still receive the benefits of having a Whitepages account! You can learn more on claiming and editing your listing here!

Now that you know a little more about our company and our mission we hope you enjoy our great services and features.