A Recruiter, A Lost Laptop, and Whitepages

Data for Good March 9, 2020


A Recruiter, A Lost Laptop, and Whitepages

I love sitting next to our Customer Success team in our Seattle offices. I get to hear some heartwarming and cool ways that Whitepages customers use our data. It reminds me of why I enjoy coming to work every day. At Whitepages we believe #dataforgood plays a part in people’s everyday lives. Recruiter Benjamin Rifleman posted a story that illustrates how with some detective work and data, you can turn someone’s day around!

One of the primary tenets of Whitepages is providing data to help people. A person had left their computer in a parking lot in Salt Lake City. A dilemma I fear almost every time I take my laptop out of my backpack! Benjamin Rifleman’s relative happened to find the computer and had a feeling he could help. They contacted him immediately to see if his recruiting skills and connections could get the computer back to its rightful owner. Rifleman was able to connect a person with their lost laptop from states away. It only took a little luck (their name was on their lock screen), a LinkedIn search, and a quick search on Whitepages to save the day. 

Customer success stories fuel our days here in the office. Not only is this a great example of how Whitepages can save a work computer, find a lost dog, or reunite you with a lost connection, but it also shows that there are good people who also embrace our #dataforgood way of living in a digital world.

For a full account of Rifleman’s story, check out our LinkedIn post!