The 411 on Phishing

April 25, 2022 Stay Updated

Phishing scams are pretty common. If you’ve ever checked your email’s spam folder, they’re there. If you’ve ever gotten a weird text message offering you a free iPad,...

an image of a simplified encryption process. on the left, plaintext password heading. there are three examples of plaintext passwords: fr0ntde$k, D@v!d0op57, and thi5myP@s5w0r6. in the center an arrow with "hashing process" above it. on the right, encrypted password heading with three examples below it. these examples are sets of capital letters and numbers, five for each character of the password.

Plaintext vs. Encrypted

March 24, 2022 Stay Safe

If you’ve found yourself here, it’s likely that one of your passwords was involved in a data breach and you want a little more information on what that...