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People with the last name Yakes

Aaron Yakes Abraham Yakes Adam Yakes Alan Yakes Albert Yakes Alex Yakes Alexandria Yakes Alexis Yakes Alissa Yakes Alizabeth Yakes Allen Yakes Amanda Yakes Amber Yakes Andrew Yakes Anne Yakes Anthony Yakes Austin Yakes Barbara Yakes Betty Yakes Brandon Yakes Brian Yakes Brigette Yakes Bryon Yakes Carole Yakes Casey Yakes Catherine Yakes Charlotte Yakes Christopher Yakes Christpher Yakes Cierra Yakes Cindy Yakes Cole Yakes Craig Yakes Cristin Yakes Crystal Yakes Cynthia Yakes Dakota Yakes Dale Yakes Daniel Yakes Danielle Yakes Dan Yakes Darrel Yakes Darren Yakes David Yakes Dawndonald Yakes Dawn Yakes Deborah Yakes Delbert Yakes Denise Yakes Dennis Yakes Derek Yakes Derk Yakes Diane Yakes Dixie Yakes Donald Yakes Donna Yakes Dorothy Yakes Douglas Yakes Dylan Yakes Edna Yakes Elizabeth Yakes Emily Yakes Emma Yakes Eric Yakes Erik Yakes Erin Yakes F Yakes Garret Yakes Gary Yakes George Yakes Gerald Yakes Ginger Yakes Gloria Yakes Guillermo Yakes Gus Yakes Gwenna Yakes Hayden Yakes Heather Yakes Heidi Yakes Helen Yakes Hunter Yakes Iris Yakes Irv Yakes Irving Yakes Jake Yakes James Yakes Janet Yakes Jarey Yakes Jason Yakes Jean Yakes Jeanne Yakes Jeffrey Yakes Jeffry Yakes Jenna Yakes Jenne Yakes Jennifer Yakes Jenny Yakes Jeremy Yakes Jerry Yakes Jewel Yakes Joanne Yakes John Yakes Joseph Yakes Joshua Yakes Joyce Yakes Judith Yakes Julie Yakes Kasey Yakes Kate Yakes Kathryn Yakes Kayla Yakes Kellie Yakes Kenneth Yakes Kevin Yakes Krista Yakes Kristin Yakes Kristopher Yakes Krystal Yakes Kyleigh Yakes Landon Yakes Leo Yakes Leslie Yakes Lisa Yakes Lloyd Yakes Madelyn Yakes Makalah Yakes Makayla Yakes Malisa Yakes Margaret Yakes Marie Yakes Marilyn Yakes Mark Yakes Marlene Yakes Martha Yakes Martin Yakes Mary Yakes Matthew Yakes Meagan Yakes Melissa Yakes Merry Yakes Micah Yakes Michael Yakes Mike Yakes Monique Yakes Nadine Yakes Nana Yakes Natallia Yakes Nealy Yakes Nicole Yakes Noah Yakes Pat Yakes Patricia Yakes Paula Yakes Paul Yakes Peter Yakes Rachel Yakes Ramona Yakes Raymond Yakes Rebecca Yakes Regina Yakes Richard Yakes Robert Yakes Robin Yakes Roger Yakes Ronald Yakes Roxanne Yakes Roy Yakes Ruth Yakes Ryan Yakes Samantha Yakes Sandra Yakes Sarah Yakes Sean Yakes Seth Yakes Shane Yakes Sharie Yakes Sharon Yakes Sherry Yakes Skyler Yakes Sophie Yakes Stephania Yakes Stephanie Yakes Steven Yakes Stuart Yakes Susan Yakes Suzanne Yakes Tammy Yakes Teresa Yakes Terran Yakes Terry Yakes Theresia Yakes Thomas Yakes Timothy Yakes Tracey Yakes Travis Yakes Trisha Yakes Tyler Yakes Victoria Yakes Viola Yakes Wanda Yakes Wayne Yakes William Yakes Wren Yakes Yancy Yakes Zachary Yakes