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People with the last name Devera

A Devera Aaron Devera Abe Devera Abecino Devera Abelardo Devera Abelina Devera Abigail Devera Abraham Devera Adalguisa Devera Adam Devera Ada Devera Adela Devera Adelaida Devera Adelaine Devera Adelia Devera Adelina Devera Adhue Devera Adodilla Devera Adolfo Devera Adonis Devera Adoracion Devera Adrian Devera Adriana Devera Adrianna Devera Adrianne Devera Aeron Devera Africa Devera Agapito Devera Agnes Devera Agustin Devera Aiann Devera Aida Devera Ailene Devera Aira Devera Akiko Devera Alain Devera Alan Devera Albert Devera Alberto Devera Albuen Devera Aldrin Devera Alecia Devera Alecs Devera Alejandrina Devera Alejandro Devera Alex Devera Alexa Devera Alexander Devera Alexandria Devera Alexia Devera Alexies Devera Alexis Devera Alfeo Devera Alfonso Devera Alfred Devera Alfredo Devera Ali Devera Alicia Devera Alina Devera Allan Devera Allanah Devera Allen Devera Allison Devera Allister Devera Ally Devera Alma Devera Almond Devera Almora Devera Aloysius Devera Alvin Devera Alwli Devera Alyanna Devera Alyssa Devera Amada Devera Amadeo Devera Amanda Devera Amando Devera Amaury Devera Amber Devera Ambrosio Devera Amelia Devera America Devera Amerigo Devera Ami Devera Amor Devera Amorvida Devera Amparo Devera Amy Devera Ana Devera Analyn Devera Analynne Devera Anarose Devera Anastacia Devera Anastasiia Devera Andrea Devera Andre Devera Andres Devera Andrew Devera Angela Devera Angeleen Devera Angelia Devera Angelica Devera Angelina Devera Angelique Devera Angelita Devera Angelo Devera Angie Devera Aniceto Devera Anita Devera Anjanette Devera Anlie Devera Ann Devera Anna Devera Annabel Devera Annabelle Devera Annalisa Devera Annaliza Devera Annalyn Devera Annie Devera Anny Devera Anthony Devera Antoinette Devera Antonio Devera Anton Devera Apollo Devera Apolonia Devera April Devera Aprilrose Devera Aquilina Devera Araceli Devera Arcadio Devera Arelis Devera Arianne Devera Ariel Devera Arleen Devera Arlene Devera Armand Devera Arma Devera Armin Devera Armundo Devera Arneil Devera Arnel Devera Arnold Devera Arnulfo Devera Arsenia Devera Artemio Devera Arthur Devera Arthuro Devera Artnro Devera Arturo Devera Art Devera Arvin Devera Arynaldo Devera Ashley Devera Ashli Devera Asia Devera Astra Devera Astrid Devera Asuncion Devera Athel Devera Atheni Devera Audrey Devera Audrie Devera Augusto Devera Augustus Devera Augutius Devera Aura Devera Aurelia Devera Aurelio Devera Aurello Devera Aurora Devera Austin Devera Austyn Devera Avelina Devera Averyl Devera Ayn Devera Ayumi Devera Azenith Devera Babe Devera Barbara Devera Barbie Devera Barnard Devera Basilio Devera Beatriz Devera Bebette Devera Bede Devera Belina Devera Belinda Devera Ben Devera Benedicto Devera Benette Devera Benigno Devera Benilda Devera Benison Devera Benita Devera Benjamin Devera Benny Devera Berlun Devera Berlyn Devera Bernadette Devera Bernandita Devera Bernardina Devera Bernardo Devera Bernhard Devera Bernie Devera Bertha Devera Betty Devera Beverly Devera Bhejay Devera Bien Devera Bienvenido Devera Billy Devera Birgit Devera Biro Devera Black Devera Blaise Devera Blanca Devera Blanchita Devera Bobbie Ken Devera Bobbie Devera Bobby Devera Boddierjo Devera Bonifacio Devera Bonnie Devera Bradley Devera Brandi Devera Brandon Devera Brandy Devera Breanna Devera Brenda Devera Brendan Devera Brenden Devera Brent Devera Brian Devera Brianju Devera Brianna Devera Bridgett Devera Brigida Devera Brittany Devera Brittney Devera Brixtorolan Devera Bryan Devera Byron Devera C Devera Cacalina Devera Caesar Devera Caleb Devera Calvin Devera Cameron Devera Camie Devera Camille Devera Caridad Devera Carina Devera Carla Devera Carlido Devera Carlito Devera Carlo Devera Carlomagno Devera Carlos Devera Carlus Devera Carmela Devera Carmelita Devera Carmen Devera Carmina Devera Carol Devera Carolina Devera Caroline Devera Carolinekate Devera Carrina Devera Carter Devera Casey Devera Cassandra Devera Cassidy Devera Cassie Devera Catalina Devera Catalino Devera Catherine Devera Cathrina Devera Cathrine Devera Cathryn Devera Cathy Devera Catmina Devera Ceasar Devera Cecile Devera Cecilia Devera Ceferino Devera Ceferinol Devera Celestina Devera Celestino Devera Celia Devera Celica Devera Celyn Devera Cereno Devera Cesar Devera Cezar Devera Chaffin Devera Chambers Devera Channtal Devera Charina Devera Charity Devera Charlene Devera Charles Devera Charlie Devera Charlize Devera Charlotte Devera Charmaine Devera Chase Devera Chasity Devera Cheerine Devera Chelsea Devera Cherryl Devera Cherry Devera Cheryl Devera Cheyenne Devera Chloe Devera Chlorela Devera Chlorella Devera Chris Devera Chrislyn Devera Christiaan Devera Christian Devera Christina Devera Christine Devera Christoph Devera Christopher Devera Chuchie Devera Claire Devera Clara Devera Clarence Devera Clarish Devera Clarissa Devera Clarita Devera Claritane Devera Clarito Devera Claudia Devera Claudio Devera Clayton Devera Clemente Devera Cleo Devera Cliff Devera Clovia Devera Colin Devera Concepcion Devera Connie Devera Conrado Devera Consolacio Devera Consuelo Devera Corazon Devera Corbin Devera Cornelia Devera Cornelio Devera Craig Devera Cresencio Devera Crisanto Devera Criselda Devera Cris Devera Cristeta Devera Cristie Devera Cristina Devera Cruz Devera Crystal Devera Curtis Devera Cynthia Devera Cyrel Devera Cyrene Devera Czeena Devera Daigdig Devera Daisy Devera Dale Devera Damian Devera Dan Devera Dana Devera Danica Devera Daniel Devera Daniela Devera Daniele Devera Daniella Devera Danielle Devera Danilo Devera Danita Devera Danna Devera Danny Devera Dante Devera Danton Devera Darla Devera Darlene Devera Darlon Devera Darrel Devera Darrell Devera Darren Devera Darryl Devera Darryll Devera Darwin Devera Daryl Devera Daryll Devera Darynne Devera Dasha Devera Dathan Devera Dave Devera Davelin Devera David Devera Daylen Devera Dean Devera Deanza Devera Debbie Devera Deborah Devera Deborie Devera Debra Devera Delfin Devera Delia Devera Delio Devera Delma Devera Delmer Devera Delshay Devera Dely Devera Demetrius Devera Demosthenes Devera Denise Devera Dennis Devera Denzel De-Vera Derek Devera Derick Devera Derrick Devera Deserae Devera Desiree Devera Desmond Devera Deva Devera De Devera Devon Devera Dewey Devera Dexter Devera Dezalyn Devera Dhani Devera Dhennis Devera Diana Devera Diane Devera Dianne Devera Didio Devera Dignav Devera Dinah Devera Dina Devera Dindo Devera Dino Devera Dione Devera Dionesol Devera Diosdado Devera Divina Devera Divine Devera Dnnis Devera Dobbie Devera Dolores Devera Domie Devera Dominador Devera Dominga Devera Domingo Devera Dominic Devera Dominique Devera Don Devera Donabelle Devera Donadam Devera Donald Devera Donna Devera Donnabel Devera Donnamae Devera Donnie Devera Dora Devera Doris Devera Dorothy Devera Douglas Devera Dreiza Devera Drew Devera Dru Devera Dustin Devera Dustine Devera Dwight Devera Dyan Devera Dylan Devera Eadwig Devera Earl Devera Ebifania Devera Ed Devera Edelynne Devera Eden Devera Ederlina Devera Edgar Devera Edgardo Devera Edison Devera Editha Devera Edith Devera Edito Devera Edmundo Devera Edna Devera Ednaluz Devera Edsel Devera Eduardo Devera Edurrges Devera Eduvigis Devera Edward Devera Edwin Devera Efigenia Devera Efren Devera Egmedio Devera Eileen Devera Eirelloliver Devera Elaine Devera Elainea Devera Elba Devera Elea Devera Eleanor Devera Elena Devera Elenita Devera Eleonora Devera Elicile Devera Elija Devera Elijah Devera Eliomar Devera Elisa Devera Eliza Devera Elizabeth Devera Ella Devera Ellen Devera Elmer Devera Eloisa Devera Elsa Devera Elvira Devera Emelia Devera Emerita Devera Emile Devera Emilia Devera Emilie Devera Emilio Devera Emily Devera Emilynne Devera Emma Devera Emmaleen Devera Emmanuel Devera Emmilene Devera Emy Devera Encarnacion Devera Enesto Devera Engelbert Devera Englebert Devera Enrico Devera Enrigueta Devera Enrique Devera Enriqueant Devera E Devera Erica Devera Eric Devera Erick Devera Erika Devera Erik Devera Erin Devera Erlinda Devera Ernesto Devera Ernie Devera Erwin Devera Esmeralda Devera Esperanza Devera Espirita Devera Ester Devera Estrelita Devera Estrella Devera Estrellita Devera Ethan Devera Ethel Devera Eugene Devera Eugenio Devera Eulalia Devera Eulma Devera Eulogio Devera Eunice Devera Eusebio Devera Eutrocina Devera Eva Devera Evan Devera Evangelina Devera Evangeline Devera Evelina Devera Evelyn Devera Everette Devera Eymard Devera Faith Devera Fatima Devera Fausto Devera Faye Devera Feamor Devera Federico Devera Felecitas Devera Felica Devera Felicia Devera Feliciano Devera Felicidad Devera Felicita Devera Felicitas Devera Felipe Devera Felito Devera Felix Devera Felixberto Devera Felizardo Devera Felros Devera Fely Devera Fe Devera Ferdinand Devera Fernando Devera Ferne Devera Fidel Devera Fidencio Devera Filemon Devera Filipo Devera Filo Devera Filomena Devera Flaviana Devera Flinton Devera Flocerphina Devera Flora Devera Floran Devera Flordelito Devera Flordeliza Devera Flordeliz Devera Florence Devera Florencio Devera Florenda Devera Florentina Devera Florentino Devera Florian Devera Florida Devera Florido Devera Florinda Devera Florito Devera Fraenkel Devera Frances Devera Francine Devera Francis Devera Francisca Devera Francisco Devera Franco Devera Frank Devera Fransicso Devera Fred Devera Freddie Devera Frederick Devera Frederico Devera Fredezvind Devera Fredson Devera Froilan Devera Fuentes Devera G Devera Gabriel Devera Gabriela Devera Gabrielle Devera Gail Devera Garciela Devera Gary Devera Gelia Devera Gelyn Devera Gemma Devera Gemmie Devera Genalyn Devera Generoso Devera Genevieve Devera Genver Devera Geoffrey Devera George Devera Georgette Devera Georgia Devera Gerald Devera Geraldin Devera Geraldine Devera Geraldinegerri Devera Geralyn Devera Gerard Devera Gerardette Devera Gerardo Devera Gerby Devera German Devera Gerry Devera Gertrudes Devera Gerundio Devera Geryl Devera Gil Devera Gilbert Devera Gilros Devera Gina Devera Ginalou Devera Gineli Devera Gio Devera Giorgio Devera Girlie Devera Girme Devera Giselle Devera Gladdyz Devera Gladys Devera Glecie Devera Glemhel Devera Glen Devera Glenda Devera Glenn Devera Gloria Devera Glycerine Devera Glydine Devera Godfrey Devera Godofredo Devera Gomez Devera Gonzales Devera Gonzalo Devera Grace Devera Gracia Devera Graciela Devera Gracie Devera Gracita Devera Gregoria Devera Gregory Devera Grezilda Devera Guia Devera Guillermo Devera Guizent Devera Gundelina Devera Gus Devera Guting Devera Gwoeyn Devera Hannah Devera Hanna Devera Hannash Devera Hannazel Devera Haram Devera Harley Devera Harlika Devera Haydn Devera Haynne Devera Hazel Devera Hector Devera Heginio Devera Heidi Devera Heinrick Devera Helen Devera Helena Devera Henelunt Devera Henelyn Devera Henry Devera Herman Devera Hermielita Devera Hermini Devera Herminihilda Devera Herminio Devera Hernando Devera Hernick Devera Hilario Devera Hilarion Devera Hilda Devera Hipolito Devera Hnancy Devera Horacio Devera Hortensia Devera Hugo Devera Hwisook Devera Hyginus Devera Ian Devera Ida Devera Ignacio Devera Ike Devera Ilarina Devera Illuminada Devera Illya Devera Iluminada Devera Imelda Devera Im Devera Immaculada Devera Indy Devera Ines Devera Ingegerd Devera Inglacio Devera Iraida Devera Irene Devera Irened Devera Ireneo Devera Ireneoarnel Devera Irish Devera Iris Devera Irma Devera Irwin Devera Isaac Devera Isabel Devera Isabelita Devera Isabella Devera Isabelle Devera Isagani Devera Ismael Devera Israel Devera Ivan Devera Ivonne Devera Ivy Devera Izabell Devera Jacinta Devera Jacinto Devera Jack Devera Jackie Devera Jacklyn Devera Jaclyn Devera Jacob Devera Jacquelina Devera Jacqueline Devera Jade Devera Jahara Devera Jahn Devera Jaime Devera Jairo Devera Jamelene Devera James Devera Jameson Devera Jamie Devera Jamilagie Devera Jamzin Devera Jan Devera Jana Devera Jane Devera Janel Devera Janet Devera Janeth Devera Janett Devera Janica Devera Janice Devera Janine Devera Jannete Devera Jannie Devera Jaqueline Devera Jared Devera Jarod Devera Jaromir Devera Jasmine Devera Jasmyne Devera Jason Devera Jaunito Devera Javern Devera Jay Devera Jayarr Devera Jaycee Devera Jayden Devera Jaylon Devera Jaymark Devera Jayne Devera Jayric Devera Jayson Devera Jazmin Devera Jean Devera Jeanalyn Devera Jeanelle Devera Jeanessa Devera Jeanette Devera Jeanine Devera Jecelyn Devera Jeff Devera Jeffery Devera Jeffrey Devera Jehan Devera Jeline Devera Jemima Devera Jemma Devera Jenalynne Devera Jenevy Devera Jenifer Devera Jenna Devera Jenneth Devera Jennibeth Devera Jennie Devera Jennifer Devera Jennylyn Devera Jeno Devera Jenry Devera Jeny Devera Jeraldine Devera Jeraldyn Devera Jeremias Devera Jeremy Devera Jerilynn Devera Jermias Devera Jerolyn Devera Jerome Devera Jeromie Devera Jerrel Devera Jerry Devera Jeruzelle Devera Jesse Devera Jessica Devera Jessie Devera Jessielyn Devera Jesus Devera Jesusa Devera Jewin Devera Jhane Mari Devera Jhoanna Devera Jhomar Devera Jhunjhun Devera Jian Devera Jimema Devera Jimmy Devera Jinky Devera Jj Devera J Devera Joan Devera Joanna Devera Joann Devera Joanne Devera Joanne Maria Devera Job Devera Jobeth Devera Jocelyn Devera Jo Devera Joe Devera Joebert Devera Joel Devera Joelle Devera Joemar Devera Joeville Devera Joey Devera Jogie Devera Johanes Devera Johanna Devera John Devera Johnathan Devera Johnny Devera Joji Devera Jojo Devera Joleen Devera Jolly Devera Jomar Devera Jon Devera Jonah Devera Jona Devera Jonas Devera Jonathan Devera Jonna Devera Jordan Devera Jorge Devera Jorvy Devera Jose Devera Josef Devera Josefina Devera Josefino Devera Joselito Devera Josel Devera Joselyn Devera Joseph Devera Josephine Devera Josephus Devera Joshua Devera Jossie Devera Jovencita Devera Jovey Devera Jowell Devera Joyce Devera Joy Devera Juan Devera Juanita Devera Juanito Devera Judd Devera Jude Devera Judelyn Devera Judith Devera Judy Devera Jufelyn Devera Julia Devera Julian Devera Juliana Devera Julie Devera Julienne Devera Julieta Devera Juliette Devera Juliet Devera Julio Devera Julita Devera Julius Devera Jullie Devera Jumari Devera Jun Devera June Devera Justice Devera Justin Devera Justine Devera Kaeliana Devera Kahler Devera Kaitlin Devera Kaitlyn Devera Kandice Devera Kareen Devera Karen Devera Karina Devera Karla Devera Karlo Devera Katherine Devera Kathleen Devera Kathlyn Devera Kathlynn Devera Kathryn Devera Kathy Devera Katie Devera Katrina Devera Kayla Devera Keanu Devera Keenan Devera Keith Devera Kelly Devera Kendrick Devera Ken Devera Kenneth Devera Kerstin Devera Kevin Devera Keziahlyn Devera Kiana Devera Kimberly Devera Kim Devera Krisha Devera Krisie Devera Krisler Devera Krista Devera Kristen Devera Kristiana Devera Kristina Devera Kristine Devera Kristin Devera Kristoffe Devera Kristoffer Devera Kristy Devera Krizia Devera Kriztel Devera Krystal Devera Kusa Devera Kyann Devera Kyla Devera Kyle Devera Lahmon Devera Lailanie Devera Lainey Devera Lajoy Devera Lajuana Devera Lalaine Devera Laleen Devera Lambert Devera Lana Devera Lance Devera Lani Devera Lan Devera Laquian Devera Larina Devera Larisa Devera Larry Devera Laura Devera Laureen Devera Lauren Devera Laurence Devera Laurie Devera Lauri Devera Lauro Devera Lawrence Devera Layla Devera Lazaro Devera Lea Devera Leah Devera Lee Devera Leeza Devera Legrand Devera Leiann Devera Leila Devera Leilani Devera Leizle Devera Lenie Devera Lennie Devera Lenore Devera Leo Devera Leon Devera Leonard Devera Leonardo Devera Leonel Devera Leonida Devera Leonila Devera Leonita Devera Leonnel Devera Leonora Devera Lesley Devera Leslie Devera Lesly Devera Letecia Devera Leticia Devera Letty Devera Lewis Devera Lia Devera Lianne Devera Liezl Devera Lilia Devera Lilian Devera Lillian Devera Lilybeth Devera Lily Devera Lina Devera Linda Devera Lisa Devera Lita Devera Lito Devera Lity Devera Lloyd Devera Loida Devera Lolita Devera Loraine Devera Lorene Devera Lorenza Devera Lorenzo Devera Lores Devera Loreto Devera Loretta Devera Lorina Devera Lorna Devera Lorraine Devera Louella Devera Lourdes Devera Lowie Devera Lubiner Devera Lucena Devera Lucia Devera Lucila Devera Lucinda Devera Lucita Devera Lucy Devera Ludwig Devera Luis Devera Luisa Devera Luisiana Devera Luke Devera Lulu Devera Lutgardis Devera Luz Devera Luzviminda Devera Lydia Devera Lyn Devera Lyndell Devera Lyndon Devera Lynn Devera Lynnette Devera Lyrah Devera M Devera Ma Devera Mabel Devera Macapella Devera Macarmen Devera Maconcepcion Devera Macro Devera Madeline Devera Madison Devera Maeleine Devera Maelyn Devera Mae Devera Magdalena Devera Magelie Devera Magnolia Devera Maia Devera Maica Devera Maidelys Devera Malachi Devera Malarie Devera Mallory Devera Malou Devera Malouge Devera Manny Devera Manolito Devera Manuel Devera Manuela Devera Manuele Devera Mara Devera Marc Devera Marcel Devera Marcela Devera Marcelina Devera Marcelino Devera Marcelo Devera Marciano Devera Marci Devera Marcjayson Devera Marclys Devera Marco Devera Marcy Devera Mardonio Devera Marfel Devera Mar Devera Margarita Devera Margene Devera Margie Devera Maria Devera Mariah Devera Marian Devera Marianito Devera Mariateresa Devera Maribel Devera Maribeth Devera Maricar Devera Maricel Devera Maricela Devera Marichelle Devera Maricor Devera Maricris Devera Marie Devera Mariececil Devera Marielle Devera Marieta Devera Mariezel Devera Marifel Devera Marife Devera Marigold Devera Marigrace Devera Marijen Devera Marijoy Devera Marilou Devera Marilyn Devera Marina Devera Marinette Devera Mario Devera Marirose Devera Marissa Devera Marita Devera Marites Devera Maritess Devera Marius Devera Marjorie Devera Mark Devera Markanthony Devera Marlene Devera Marlina Devera Marllon Devera Marlon Devera Marlyn Devera Marnia Devera Marsha Devera Marshall Devera Marta Devera Marte Devera Martin Devera Martina Devera Marvin Devera Mary Devera Maryann Devera Marygrace Devera Maryjane Devera Marylou Devera Maryrosalie Devera Masiel Devera Matilda Devera Matt Devera Matthew Devera Maureen Devera Maurice Devera Mauro Devera Mavel Devera Maveline Devera Max Devera Maximino Devera Maximo Devera May Devera Mayette Devera Mayra Devera Mayumi Devera Mcedell Devera Mchristie Devera Mckenzie Devera Medeatrix Devera Medina Devera Medy Devera Megan Devera Meladie Devera Melanie Devera Melba Devera Melchora Devera Melencio Devera Melina Devera Melinda Devera Melissa Devera Meliza Devera Melki Devera Mellany Devera Melody Devera Melva Devera Melvin Devera Melynda Devera Memia Devera Menchi Devera Mercedes Devera Merla Devera Merlita Devera Merlit Devera Merry Devera Mervyn Devera Mharla Devera Mia Devera Micah Devera Michael Devera Michaela Devera Michaelben Devera Michele Devera Michelle Devera Michiko Devera Mickie Devera Miguela Devera Miguel Devera Mike Devera Mila Devera Milagros Devera Mildred Devera Mina Devera Minerva Devera Miriam Devera Missy Devera Modesto Devera Moises Devera Monica Devera Moses Devera Myca Devera Mykrilyn Devera Mylene Devera Myles Devera Myra Devera Myrissa Devera Myrna Devera Nadia Devera Nancy Devera Narayan Devera Narcisa Devera Natalia Devera Natalie Devera Nathalia Devera Nathalie Devera Nathanial Devera Nathaniel Devera Nathan Devera Natividad Devera Nazarina Devera Nazario Devera Neil Devera Nelia Devera Nelson Devera Nema Devera Nenita Devera Nerilin Devera Neriza Devera Nestor Devera Neyrchel Devera Nia Devera Nicanor Devera Nicasio Devera Nicholas De-Vera Nicholas Devera Nicole Devera Nicomedes Devera Nida Devera Nieves Devera Nikita Devera Nikki Devera Niko Devera Nikolai Devera Nila Devera Nilda Devera Nina Devera Ninfa Devera Nini Devera Nino Devera Nitzael Devera Noel Devera Noelle Devera Noemi Devera Nolencio Devera Nolyta Devera Nonelle Devera Nora Devera Norberto Devera Norma Devera Norman Devera Normita Devera Norvinia Devera Nubia Devera Nunila Devera Nydia Devera Nyree Devera Oana Devera Obedocarolina Devera Octavio Devera Odette Devera Odila Devera Ofelia Devera Ohreez Devera Olga Devera Olive Devera Oliver Devera Olivia Devera Onie Devera Onofre Devera Ori Devera Orlando Devera Oscar Devera Owen Devera Owenna Devera P Devera Pablito Devera Pablo Devera Pacifica Devera Pagasa Devera Pamela Devera Pancho Devera Panfilo Devera Paola Devera Paolo Devera Pastor Devera Paterno Devera Patricia Devera Patricio Devera Patrick Devera Paul Devera Paula Devera Paulette Devera Paulina Devera Paulo Devera Paz Devera Pedro Devera Penez Devera Peralta Devera Perfecto Devera Persiveranda Devera Pete Devera Peter Devera Petr Devera Phamela Devera Phil Devera Philip Devera Phoebe Devera Pierangeli Devera Pilar Devera Pioquinto Devera Placida Devera Plaridel Devera Polito Devera Pol Devera Porfirio Devera Primavera Devera Prince Devera Princella Devera Princess Devera Priscila Devera Priscilla Devera Prudencio Devera Psalm Devera Purificacion Devera Quincy Devera Racel Devera Rachael Devera Rachel Devera Rachelle Devera Racquel Devera Rafael Devera Rainelda Devera Rainier Devera Ralph Devera Ramil Devera Ramir Devera Ramon Devera Randal Devera Randall Devera Randolf Devera Randolph Devera Randy Devera Ranessa Devera Rania Devera Ranier Devera Ranny Devera Raquel Devera Raul Devera Raven Devera Ray Devera Raymond Devera Raymundo Devera Razor Devera Rea Devera Rebecca Devera Recel Devera Recto Devera Redentor Devera Refelita Devera Reggiel Devera Regina Devera Regnar Devera Reina Devera Reinier Devera Remedios Devera Remedious Devera Remee Devera Remlean Devera Remy Devera Remyr Devera Rena Devera Renaliza Devera Renato Devera Rendeza Devera Renee Devera Rennan Devera Rensie Devera Renz Devera Resye Devera Rewel Devera Rey Devera Reydante Devera Reyes Devera Reyna Devera Reynaldo Devera Reynante Devera Reynato Devera Rhadelene Devera Rhael Devera Rhea Devera Rhoda Devera Rhodaswine Devera Rhodelia Devera Rhodian Devera Rhodora Devera Rhomel Devera Rhonda Devera Ricardo Devera Ricci Devera Richard Devera Richelle Devera Richlarleene Devera Rick Devera Rico Devera Rita Devera Ritcheray Devera Rizaida Devera Rizalina Devera Rizalito Devera Riza Devera Rizelle Devera Roach Devera Robby Devera Robert Devera Roberta Devera Robertito Devera Roberto Devera Robin Devera Rocelia Devera Rocel Devera Rod Devera Rodel Devera Roderick Devera Roderico Devera Rodesa Devera Rodney Devera Rodolfo Devera Rodrigo Devera Rogelio Devera Roger Devera Rohan Devera Roland Devera Roland-James Devera Rolando Devera Rolly Devera Roman Devera Romel Devera Romeo Devera Romeria Devera Rommel Devera Romulo Devera Ronald Devera Ronaldo Devera Rona Devera Roneil Devera Ronilo Devera Ron Devera Ronnie Devera Ronnuel Devera Rosa Devera Rosalba Devera Rosalie Devera Rosalina Devera Rosalind Devera Rosalinda Devera Rosaline Devera Rosanna Devera Rosanne Devera Rosario Devera Rose Devera Rosebelt Devera Roselle Devera Rosemarie Devera Roshel Devera Rosie Devera Rosita Devera Rossana Devera Rossela Devera Rosy Devera Rowelah Devera Rowena Devera Roxanne Devera Roy Devera Rubelyn Devera Ruben Devera Rubilyn Devera Rudner Devera Rudolph Devera Rudy Devera Rufino Devera Russell Devera Ruth Devera Ruthann Devera Ruzzel Devera Ryan Devera Sabrina Devera Saffron Devera Salathiel Devera Sally Devera Salud Devera Salvacion Devera Salvador Devera Samantha Devera Samuel Devera Sandra Devera Sandy Devera Santiago Devera Sarafin Devera Sarah Devera Sara Devera Satornino Devera Saturnino Devera Scott Devera S Devera Sean Devera Sedrick Devera Seiden Devera Serena Devera Serofin Devera Shadley Devera Shanne Devera Shannon Devera Sharice Devera Sharon Devera Shaun Devera Sheila Devera Shelia Devera Shelly Devera Sheridel Devera Sheryl Devera Shiela Devera Shinya Devera Shirley Devera Shyami Devera Shyla Devera Siegfredo Devera Silvano Devera Silver Devera Socorro Devera Socrates Devera Soledad Devera Solemenio Devera Solomon Devera Sol Devera Sonia Devera Sonny Devera Sorieta Devera Sotero Devera Staci Devera Stacy Devera Stefanie Devera Stella Devera Stephanie Devera Stephen Devera Steve Devera Steven Devera Stinili Devera Summer Devera Sunshine Devera Susan Devera Susana Devera Susanne Devera Suzanne Devera Sydney Devera Symon Devera Tamie Devera Tammy Devera Tamy Devera Tatiana Devera Ted Devera Teodora Devera Teodoro Devera Teofilo Devera Teresa Devera Teresi Devera Teresita Devera Terry Devera Tessie Devera Tevan Devera Thelma Devera Theresa Devera Thoams Devera Thomas Devera Tiana Devera Tiani Devera Tiffany Devera Tina Devera Tirso Devera Tom Devera Tomas Devera Tommy Devera Tonirae Devera Tony Devera Tracey Devera Tracy Devera Travis Devera Trey Devera Trifono Devera Trinidad Devera Trisha Devera Trish Devera Trix Devera Troy Devera Tu Devera Tugade Devera Tyler Devera Ulises Devera V Devera Valentina Devera Valentine Devera Valerie Devera Val Devera Vanessa Devera Vanesza Devera Vaneza Devera Vanny Devera Vaugn Devera Veepee Devera Velma Devera Venice Devera Venture Devera Venus Devera Vera Devera Veralyn Devera Ver Devera Verman Devera Vermon Devera Verna Devera Vernie Devera Veronica Devera Vic Devera Vicent Devera Vicente Devera Vickie Devera Vicky Devera Vicporiano Devera Victor Devera Victoria Devera Vida Devera Vien Devera Viernesto Devera Vilma Devera Vina Devera Vincent Devera Viner Devera Violeta Devera Virgil Devera Virgilio Devera Virgina Devera Virginia Devera Virna Devera Vito Devera Vivian Devera Viviane Devera Viviena Devera Vivien Devera Voltaire Devera Vonn Devera Walter Devera Warden Devera Warlito Devera Warren Devera Waston Devera Watson Devera Wayne Devera Weddy Devera Wediosa Devera Weena Devera Wendall Devera Wendell Devera Wendy Devera Wesley Devera Wilda Devera Wilfredo Devera Wilhelmino Devera William Devera Willian Devera Willy Devera Wilmer Devera Wilmurf Devera Wilson Devera Wilva Devera Winifred Devera Winsley Devera Wyatt Devera Wycee Devera Wylie Devera Ximena Devera Xin Devera Yag Devera Yaw Devera Yee Devera Yetien Devera Yoimel Devera Yolanda Devera Yoli Devera Yoshie Devera Yrelle Devera Yvan Devera Zachary Devera Zach Devera Zarah Devera Zenaida Devera Zenita Devera Zigna Devera Zl Devera