Why Should I Screen My Tenant Online?

Tenant Check July 26, 2019
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Why Should I Screen My Tenant Online?

Tenant screening for rental properties has evolved by leaps and bounds with the accessibility of the internet. With a simple sign-up and a few emails, it is fast and easy to ensure that you rent your property to reliable tenants.

Tenant screening used to require the prospective renters to provide all their personal information for a screening on paper at the property, collect money to run the tenant screening, and then take it back to your home or office for an independent firm to run. This process could take days. That is valuable time for both you and the renter. Now, it is easier than ever to do the whole screening process online and provide you a more complete picture!


We live in a world where personal information is valuable. Giving your Social Security Number to someone you don’t know can be risky, even when applying for a rental property. Many renters will apply at multiple properties and want to ensure their sensitive information is safe, regardless of which property they rent. When weighing which tenant screening works for you, consider one that keeps valuable personal information out of your shuffling paperwork. With many tenant screening services available online, including Whitepages TenantCheck, the prospective renter doesn’t have to worry about giving information out, and you don’t have to worry about keeping it secure. All of it is done for you.


How many people still carry around checks? Some prospective tenants still know to bring along their checkbook when hunting for their new home. But what about future renters in the internet age? They expect the option to pay online…for everything. Being offered the option to pay for a tenant screening online with a credit card is both more convenient and more secure for the landlord and tenant. Perhaps the renters change their mind about your property. With this, they aren’t out the screening fee, if you choose for them to pay it. Also, you won’t have to worry about getting information for people that have chosen to go another direction. Accidents happen, checks get lost, people have illegible handwriting, and they change their minds, the wonders of online tenant screening can help curb and prevent these realities. Online tenant screening services also offer different solutions for different needs. Some sites offer eviction records where others don’t. Some sites offer criminal records and sex offender searches, where available, and others don’t.  


One of the biggest advantages of online screenings is that it happens quickly. With Whitepages TenantCheck, the report is delivered as soon as the landlord or tenant pays for the report. Many online resources don’t require landlord verification (for more information on Landlord Verification). Online tenant screening services that require the tenant’s participation are also issuing a soft inquiry on their credit. This does not impact their credit score and is preferable, especially if they have applied for multiple properties. There are no firms to go through, no third-party individuals to wait on, and you can get the information that you need—quickly.

With the information of the world in your hand or at least on the table next to you, why not use it to ensure your property is in the hands of people who will care about it and want to live there. Using an online screening for your potential tenants has never been safer, easier, or faster.