Sample Tenant Checklist

Tenant Check August 19, 2019


Sample Tenant Checklist

Here is a sample tenant checklist. It may be necessary to add line items regarding the following: Section 8, lead paint, mold, etc. It is key to know which addendums and additional information must be provided to new tenants. There is a download link at the bottom of the sample.

Applicant Name:_____________________________________________________________
Applicant Name: ____________________________________________________________
Rental Property Address: ____________________________________________________
Unit Number: ________________________________________________________________
Move-In Date: _______________________________________________________________

1._____ Received Rental Application

2._____ Started a New Physical and Digital Folder for Tenant

3._____ Background Check Completed

4._____ Credit Check Completed

5._____ Received Employment Verification Form

6._____ Verified Previous Landlords

7._____ Contacted Previous Landlords

8._____ Made Copies of Back and Front of Applicant(s) ID(s)

9._____ Explained All Rules and Procedures to Tenant

10.____ Explained Emergency Procedures to Tenant

11.____ Tenant Signed Lease Agreement

12. _____ Provided Tenant With Your Contact Information

13. ____ Received Entire Security Deposit
__________Date Security Deposit Received

14.____ Lease Agreement Signed
__________Date Lease Signed
__________Date Lease Begins
__________Date Lease Ends

15.____ Received Entire First Month’s Rent
__________Date First Month’s Rent Received

16. ____ Received Proof of Renter’s Insurance

17.____ Repaired Any Damage to Property

18.____ Cleaned Property

19.____ Tenant has Signed Rental Unit Condition Checklist

20.____ Changed Door Locks (If Applicable)

21.____ Transferred All Utilities to Tenant’s Name (if applicable)
Utility:___________________ Date of Transfer:____________
Utility:___________________ Date of Transfer:____________
Utility:___________________ Date of Transfer:____________

22.____ Pet Addendum Signed
__________Date Addendum Signed

23.____ Received Pet Deposit
__________Date Pet Deposit Received

Date All Items Completed:__________________________________________________

Signature of Landlord/Property Manager:_________________________________

Download the Checklist