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Silly WhitePages, don’t you know everything?

Here’s the thing. We love us some data. Like hairstyles in the ‘80s, the bigger, the better. WhitePages is like a flying snake when it comes to data. We come out of nowhere and pinpoint our target with crazy accuracy, because who’s going to expect it to rain snakes? And we're way more on target than those hacks, the flying squirrels. Those guys constantly miss the tree and look like fools. Not us. We can glide up to 100 meters on the Internet by propelling up from our database, tucking in our collective stomachs, flaring out our ribs to turn into a pseudo­concave wing, and sailing the open sky known as contact information like winners.

Scared of snakes? Then consider us a giant, accurate teddy bear instead. A teddy bear that likes hugs, quality microbrew beers, and launching itself out of trees unexpectedly.

So... what now?

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