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But aren’t you the phone book?

We get that a lot. Consider us the "Sherlock Holmes" of contact data instead. It’s our business to know what other people don't know, and phone numbers are merely a few of the bricks that built our talented house. We see dots everywhere we go, and we rather like to connect them. Data! Data! Data! We can't make bricks without clay! We delve and sift through millions of public records to solve those distressing mysteries that keep you up at night like "Who is that guy across the street that keeps cutting his lawn at midnight?" (Reverse Address) We can’t solve why, but we can certainly solve whom. Or perhaps the ones that test your ego like "Just how many other Sherlock Holmeses are out there?" (Names) The other 31 are impostors, by the way. The answers to these questions and much more? Elementary, my dear Watson, and just one search away with our help. We may be considerably less talented on the violin than the real Sherlock, but we share his relish for a game that is afoot.

So... what now?

The next move is yours, friend. If you feel like you got this message in error, please try again. We want to empower you to seize this search. Perhaps even seize the day. Nay, we want you to seize the world in the palm of your hand and shake it like a snow globe!

Let’s start with the search thing, though. You can use the search box above and try another number. Worst that could happen is you’ll have to read this prose again (fair warning, it doesn’t get better with time). Want to tell us how we are doing instead? Drop us a line here .