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Whitepages ID

Identify incoming calls and texts from unknown numbers, spammers and robocallers.



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Real-Time Spam Detection

Whitepages ID alerts you in real time if a scammer is calling so you know not to pick up.

Fast Reverse Phone Lookup

Copy numbers from your recent call log and open Whitepages ID to quickly know who called you.

Spam Check Dialer

Use the spam-check dialer to dial & ID unknown numbers with confidence.

Blacklist Individual Numbers

Create a personal blacklist of phone numbers that you don’t want to pick up.

Report Spam

Help other users in the community by reporting spam.

Widget Search

Easily look up numbers from the widget.

Find People

Find people using the #1 most trusted phone directory.

Identify Numbers

ID unknown caller with reverse phone look ups.

Find Nearby

Find nearby people, businesses, salons, restaurants, and more.

Find Businesses

Find stores using our yellow pages business search.

Search Addresses

Find out who lives at an address with Reverse Address Lookup.

Build Contacts

Update your contacts with names, numbers, and addresses.

Text the free app to your phone.

"Fantastic!!! I absolutely love reverse phone number lookup on the Whitepages app!"
-Alan Pierce, June 4 2014

Reverse Phone Lookup

Never see an unknown number in your call log again! Use phone number comments and spam scores to avoid unwanted calls or texts.

Save to Contacts

With Whitepages app you can find and update information using our trusted database of over 200 million contacts. Add phone numbers and addresses straight to your Android, iPhone, or iPad.

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