Caller ID

Identify calls from unknown numbers and spammers before you answer.

Text ID

Know who is texting you right away, even if they're not in your phone's contact list.

Call Blocking

Block scams, spam, pesky telemarketers, and persistent ex's.

Social Updates

Enhance your contacts with photos and information from your social networks.

Identify Spam

Stop unwanted calls with advanced spam detection.

Phone Stats

See infographics about your calling and texting habits.


Launched in August of 2012, Whitepages Caller ID has been downloaded over 10 million times and enjoys a 4.4 star rating in the app store. It has been awarded by Time Magazine as a "Top 10 App" and is the #1 caller ID app on the market.

"Caller ID on Steroids"
- Huffington Post


With Whitepages Caller ID you can identify calls from unknown numbers, spammers, telemarketers, businesses, and even those angry exes. Caller ID uses your contact list, social media connections, and Whitepages database of nearly 300 million people and businesses to display an incoming caller's identity in real time. No more wondering who's calling! As VentureBeat notes, "Whitepages' Caller ID app is the future of smartphone calling."


Tired of getting calls from those pesky telemarketers? With Whitepages Caller you can build a list of numbers you want blocked, and choose whether you want them sent straight to voicemail or hung up on. Take control of who contacts you with Whitepages Caller ID.

"Whitepages' new Caller ID app is the future of smartphone calling."